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Question:What is your favorite program to plot data from a data logger?

gretchengehrke asked on August 02, 2017 20:39
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In order to make sense of data from sensors that collect more data than can be easily interpreted in table format, I want to export data from my data logger to a free plotting software. What is your favorite program that is user-friendly and has more functionality than Google Sheets? Thanks!

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4 Answers

Not quite at the point of plotting data from loggers, but generic favorite for this type of data is R. Pluses: free, extensive libraries, well tested and recognized, and, did I mention, it's free. Within R there are a number ways to plot data from vanilla data plotting within R to add-on libraries like ggplot. Negatives: The down side is that the learning curve can be exhausting.

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Hi @MadTinker, I agree that R has awesome functionality, AND I agree with you that the learning curve is quite steep. Have you ever used Plotly? I haven't used it yet, but it looks like it might be more user-friendly and can interface with R. I'm not entirely sure how that works (just another export function, or could you export a graph that would auto-generate code to create a similar graph in R??), but I'm intrigued.

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No, never heard of Plotly. Looks interesting. .

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The spreadsheet in this research note by Jeff could have some useful ideas for data analysis platforms, and features to consider when selecting a platform or program for your needs: https://publiclab.org/notes/warren/02-17-2017/environmental-data-management-analysis-tools

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