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by gretchengehrke | March 22, 2018 15:25 | #16002

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What happened just before the problem occurred? Or what problem could this idea solve? I typed oil-spill in the search bar and clicked on the magnifying lens icon. Rather than coming up with pages tagged with oil-spill, the results showed five research notes, only one of which appeared to be related to oil spills. Also, in case this is useful information, the results did not appear in reverse chronological order, or by any pattern that I could detect.

What did you expect to see that you didn't? I expected search to find research notes (and wikis? does it search wikis too?) tagged with oil-spill. Ultimately, I hope search will be able to find research notes and wikis with the words "oil spill" in the text too.

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I took a screenshot, but don't see a way to upload it to this question form. I'm happy to send it to someone.

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This can help us diagnose the issue: gretchengehrke

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Many bugs are related to these -- please help us track it down and reproduce what you're seeing! Google Chrome, on MacBook

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Please note that this happens regardless of whether you click on the search auto-fill item that shows the tag symbol and that term (presumably meaning to search items tagged with that term).

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OK - there were several issues here:

Following up with @bronwen in this issue on which of the above is the best "default" search ordering:

Thanks again for reporting!

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