Question: What are the best ways to preserve energy?

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by grace_williams | March 09, 2021 15:53 | #25880

I would like to learn how to save energy in my house and my neighborhood.


The local electric companies are usually good places to start for more information. It can start with turning off lights when not in use. Then go to putting timers on appliances ( for example water heaters). Each additional step usually costs more money in the short term, and saves more money in the long term. During the summer, the electric companies used to have electric auditors to suggest energy saving steps. With Covid, I don't know where that stands this year.

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We should use wind energy and solar energy as well. For the interpretation process, visit:

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Two big ways to save energy (and money on your utility bill) I see over and over again have to do with your lighting and your laundry habits. Traditional bulbs lose the majority of their energy as wasted heat, so swapping to LEDs will save energy and money in the long run as they last much longer. There's a lot of ways to make your laundry habits more energy-efficient. First is using cool or cold water rather than warm/hot. As long as you don't need to disinfect the load (like washing cloth masks for COVID protection), most detergents can handle cold water these days. It also helps to only run full loads and to air dry when you can. My approach to saving energy at home is: every penny counts! Lots of little things will add up and make a big difference in the long run. Start with the basics (turn off lights, save water) and, when it makes sense, opt for bigger investments like energy efficient appliances and weatherization. Here's a good article with more ideas:

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I'd recommend starting off with high efficiency appliances. There will be Energy Star, "Most Efficient" status (like on this refrigerator I was researching) and other markings that mean long term energy savings. This will be more beneficial over the long term than trying to cycle the appliance on/off or something like that.

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