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by gilbert | October 11, 2017 21:05 | #15033

What specific testing is essential to assuring appropriate water quality for each of the following:




-boating, canoeing, kayaking?


If you live in USA:

If you lice in Australia:

Most countries have their own guidelines, basically, they analyse the following parameters: pH, conductivity, turbidity, nitrates, total Nitrogen, ammonia, phosphates and total Phosphorus, total dissolve solids, DO( Dissolved Oxygen), E. Coli. They may also do some analytes such as trace metals and organics. The most stringent guidelines are for drinking water, then swimming pools, where they would test for chlorine. In fishing they would consider E. coli and suspender sediments, trace metals and organics. Some water are OK for boating, canoeing and kayaking but not for human contact? You can not just dive in .

Sorry, there is not a short answer. You will need to go to government guidelines.

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Paqui Camus

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