Question: Add a filter on a Pi NoIR camera

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by fsxskillz | March 05, 2018 13:40 | #15862

Hi everyone,

I have a school project where i have to study the light spectrum on a specific wavelength (in the NIR part), so i decided to buy a Pi NoIR camera CS mount and buy a filter from Edmund/Thorlab and fix it on it.

I just couldn't know if i buy a filter would it be fixable on the Pi noIR camera objectif ?

Is there any adapters that can be fixed on the camera Pi noIR objectif ?

Is the CS mount have anything to do with the filters or is it just to fix lenses on the camera sensor ?

Well thank you in advance !


The NoIR camera ships with a filter -- it's actually the same as the blue filter in our filter kit, as it was developed based on our community's work! So, i think the answer is yes!

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