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Question:What are examples of "real-life", immersive experiences that help people understand pollution?

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by fongvania | November 04, 2021 03:35 | #28075

Often, the pollutants that get into our air, water, and soil are invisible and "out of sight, out of mind". Even with a network of sensors and real-time graphs showing air quality, people often don't intuitively know what a certain number feels like. What are creative ways to help people not just visualize, but contextualize what environmental measurements mean and make data tangible?

A couple I've heard of include Michael Pinsky's Pollution Pods, immersive pods that simulate air quality of the most polluted cities, New York Times Pollution Augmented Reality app, which uses floating particles to indicate levels of pollution, and Andrea Polli's Particle Falls, a public art installation that also serves as a real-time visualization of particulate matter. The California Air Resources Board is commissioning a public art collection that will be the world’s largest permanent collection of artworks addressing air quality and the effects of climate change.


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