Question: How can community science results be integrated into environmental indicator reports and screening tools?

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by fongvania | February 22, 2022 01:12 | #30070

Screening tools are useful ways to combine multiple environmental, socioeconomic, and health indicators and identify specific areas with disproportionate burdens. Some examples of these tools include CalEnviroScreen, EJScreen. There's also an extensive list of indicators and related resources developed by Community Indicators Consortium

There is a case to be made for incorporating high-quality community science results into environmental indicators that feed these screening tools, even though there will definitely be challenges to using community science data in a streamlined and consistent manner. Tools like EPA's EJSCREEN have low to moderate confidence in the precision of block-level environmental indicators, and nation-wide environmental indicators used in screening tools tend to be outdated due to long data refresh cycles, so there is an opportunity to use more community science findings to fill temporal and geographic gaps.

Are there examples of screening tools or official environmental indicator reports using community science results? Are there initiatives that are working to realize this type of integration, especially in areas beyond water quality?


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