Question: Run infragram offiline (whitout online analysis)

elucasfreitas is asking a question about ndvi
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by elucasfreitas | June 19, 2022 13:11 | #31076


First, let me show the results of my first test with the old webcan (generic webcan with 5mp). I'am live in Brazil and here is not easy to get good filters. But this is my modest result (from the window my house..):image description

My question: somebody can recommend the python library to work with the NDVI and colorsmap? My idead is work in offline mode embedded in the raspberry pi computer.

Muito Obrigado!


You can use the pi-builder to embed it on a Raspberry pi. The software consists in a camera interface, the image sequencer and the infragram ;D

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wow the blue color of your image looks quite good. It could be interesting to take a picture of some grass or some vegetation that's more consistent, as well as to compare an area of known good vegetation vs. known bad vegetation, to validate the process!

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