Question: Spectral Workbench: Can't search (502 Bad Gateway)

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by dlwilson1a | October 04, 2021 19:13 | #27827

I'm trying to search for results for a particular material, using the search input on the Spectral Workbench Dashboard, for example:

image description

The system waits a LONG time, then I get the error 502: Bad Gateway.


Update: I've noticed this general pattern: when I search for "calcium chloride" (without quotes), I get the error. When I only search calcium, I get several pages of results; but attempting to "next" to the next page results in the error, so I can never get past the first page of results.

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Hi, we are working on getting support to do continued debugging and refinement of Spectral Workbench via the Outreachy program and hope to make some progress in the coming months. In the meantime I've documented this bug here:

Thank you for reporting!

Hi, thank you. In the meantime, is there any way to search among the many thousands of data sets available?

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Hi, I'm sorry we haven't made much progress on this bug so far. Thanks for your patience.

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