Question: how to upload pictures from own cell phone

by dianapicazo2104 | March 10, 2021 06:13 | #25886

i cant seem to work the camera on my laptop . i already have pictures i took on my cell.. can i use those to get converted


@dianapicaszo2104 oh no! I'm sorry to hear you're having technology glitches. Is this question specific to an activity you're doing, or as part of a recent Public Lab workshop?

I just want to make sure I can get you to someone that could help. Let us know a bit more information, and I will ping additional staff support. Thank you!

Also, Public Lab offers [drop-in] Open Calls every week on Tuesdays! If you feel you'd like to get help with someone via Zoom for your question, here's more on how to join those:

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