Question: How do I find where and how to download the spectroscope software on the Public Lab site?

dhaprt asked on November 30, 2017 04:31
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I tried to locate and find where and how to download the software for the spectroscope and have not been able to locate it on the web site. I would also like to know what platform to use. I have a Mac. I have all of the components for the spectroscope except for the camera. Can I order the camera on Ebay, and if so, what is the description of it?

It may also be helpful to describe the type of camera needed. For example, would a raw RGB format be desirable? Are there some camera features like autofocus or Infrared capability that would not be desirable?


you can use any basic camera, and infrared is acceptable, you get even take an infrared filter out of a cheap webcam to give it capabilities.

The software is online at; you can download it as well from github (publiclabs/spectralworkbench) but I've had difficulties with that.

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1 Answers

You can visit the following page:

Here is a free software, the description of how to assemble a spectrometer and use the camera of your cell phone.

In this other web page you can find the description of the calibration:

All this is for an android platform, but the spectrometer is very easy to build and for calibration you only need a conventional fluorescent lamp.

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