Question: When you don’t have permission to monitor on a property from the owners and/or your neighbors, what’s your method for asking them and/or getting permission to monitor?

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by denissebn_06 | with amocorro May 04, 2021 16:02 | #26487

This question came up with the VVAMP team for the places where they can do Air quality monitoring.

If you wanna follow along with the project please follow VVAMP page.


You can ask property owners and/or your neighbors (better if you have relations with them)

You can let community members know what you're looking to do by sending out flier (or email) distribution and list your request. Invite people to chat with you!

Suggest going the path of least resistance. Aim for public locations nearby and build relationships along the way when you can!

Another strategy is to look for public easements - build a transect around these! Find public places and be efficient as you can be without asking permission (since you don't always have to for these; though be cognizant if research permits are required for certain public lands).

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