Question:Why Image Sequencer fails to work from web page ?

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by dariusjack | November 13, 2020 18:41 | #25057


could you explain me why Image Sequencer from public webpage
fails to work
either in Firefox or in Chrome

All I can do is to open the above webpage, select .png image

2. "Select a new module to add to your sequence.

fails to select any module

Add Step > adds nothing

3. "Save > Save as PNG, saves nothing
Save as GIF (all steps), saves nothing
Preview GIF, previews nothing, no action at all

Could you verify the following webpage for bugs ?

The above web page is linked from


results in the same no action, no image, no processing
Frankly speaking I would prefer image processing based on HTML5, since I can build basic image filters on-the-fly
and have direct access to R,G,B values for every image pixel

Let me know your opinion

thank you



Hi! can you tell us what browser version number you're using? And, if you've used this site before, can you try clicking the Clear offline cache button at the bottom of the page, or using it in Incognito mode? I've just tried the steps you mentioned but wasn't able to see an error; but maybe it has to do with your browser versions?

Thank you!

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@warren you are exactly right I live on old PC, so latest versions of web browser don't open this page correctly. So I have opened it on my smartphone in Firefox and it started to work.

I Save as GIF (all steps) and get index.gif file

index.gif file doesn't look to be animated gif to play the whole sequence

How to access full sequence of images processed by Infragram ?

Frankly speaking I would like to buy modified smartphone to feature infragram's video functionality one day.

thank you

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