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Question:Is there any correlation between Infragram, IR and Thermographic images ?

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by dariusjack | November 09, 2020 13:15 | #25023

Is there any correlation between Infragram, IR and Thermographic images ?

I would like to experiment with thermovision, unfortunately I don't have thermovision camera today, so I am looking for correlation between IR imaging, your Infragrams and theromovision

Thank you for linking

since I would like to process theromographic images, video to detect highest temperature region to detect temperature of human's face

and finally,
I tried https://sequencer.publiclab.org/examples/
buit seems fail to work since all I can do is to select an image
modules are n ot selectable,
npone image or images sequence is generated as preview

any idea ?

thank you



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at what frequency do you process questions ?

I just need to buy Infragram hardware part and software part ( Android Apk is offered)

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