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Question:Intensity for spectra too low?

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chuynh451 asked on November 01, 2016 20:21
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I am a new user trying to make use of the mini-foldable spectrometer with my phone. The images I get have very bright lines and yet the intensity is labeled as 7% or lower. How do I get the intensity up?

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1 Answers

Thanks for sharing the link. Because you're using an uploaded image, the top row of pixels is quite dark, and that's the one used as your cross-section line.

I tried forking your spectrum and selecting a new cross-section: https://spectralworkbench.org/spectrums/89900

That looks much better and makes a good calibration. But note that since your spectrum is curved, the choice of cross-section will shift your calibration left or right depending on what height it is. You'll need to ensure all your data has the same cross-section if you want to compare it or use this calibration for other readings.

Hope that helps!

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