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by cherault | April 13, 2017 13:17 | #14111

Dear all,

I acquired a DIY Infragram camera today. The device is pretty cool, and I can see the NIR image.

I would like to code in C++, through OpenCV a specific software which transform the NIR image to the NDVI format.

I just know that I need to do the simple equation (NIR - Red Channel)/(NIR + red Channel), taking in account that the NIR channel replace the Red channel.

Could you help me giving me an algorithm to do this please ? I have a single NIR camera, nothing more.

Thanks for your kind reply.

All the best,


I think the Public Lab Infragram camera has a red filter, so the red channel will capture mostly red light. The blue channel will capture mostly NIR light. So a facsimile of NDVI can be computed for each pixel as (B-R)/(B+R).


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