Question: Reused fracking water?

by charlotte_clarke | October 29, 2019 13:40 | #21332

This week, Greg from New Mexico emailed with a question:

"I am in New Mexico. Here, fracking is a big issue. One of the problems is the 'produced water'. Lately, people have proposed cleaning up the produced water and using it for agriculture and maybe even drinking water.

"One problem I read on a Sierra Club flyer is that there are no tests known to identify some of the probable/possible constituent pollutants in produced water.

"Do you know anything about citizen science methods for testing produced water from fracking?"


In this case, we're looking at a mix of a wide variety of chemicals that are mixed into the water used for fracking, not necessarily gas or oil itself in the water. I'm curious about looking into existing water treatment and testing processes in places where fracking water is reused, and whether there are accessible methods for citizens to test reused water. I'll post further information in response to Greg's question in the comments here, and I'm curious whether other folks have information or ideas about this.


We got this response on Twitter:

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