Question: Power & connectivity error messages with DSK 3.0 Cameras

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by Bronwen | November 21, 2017 14:29 | #15216

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The camera that came with our original Spectrometer 3.0 kit worked fine with our MacBooks (Model A1342) running OSX/Windows 7. The camera included in the kit was the EPC2MB Ver: 1.00, dated 2014.11.04. The 46 Spectrometer 3.0 kits that we ordered came with the JDEPC-0V05 Ver: 1.00 camera, dated 2014.10.24. When we plug these cameras into our laptops, we get a "This device can perform faster" error message in Windows. The camera shows up as an option when using Spectral Workbench, but there is no video displayed. By plugging the camera into a powered USB hub (a hub that gets its power from an AC adapter), the issue goes away. When we use the cameras on the OSX side, the camera is detected by Spectral Workbench but there is no video (just like in Windows). Again, the issue is resolved by using a USB hub.


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