Question: Help the Kits Initiative launch the Basic Microscope Kit by 3d printing lens adaptors!

bronwen asked on March 09, 2018 14:35
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The Kits Initiative is looking for 3-D printing enthusiasts to help us source parts for the Basic Microscope Kit!

We're investigating possibilities for sourcing the 3-D printed components of the Microscope Kit (coming soon!) and are interested in seeing if there are community members who might be interested in contracting with the Kits Initiative to supply some of these parts.

The print files can be found below:

If you think you might be interested in pitching in, drop us a line at so that we can discuss price, timelines, etc!

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warren 15 days ago

I posted this on Thingiverse too!

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2 Answers

There is one part at Thingiverse. Is that the only one you need printed?
The part at Thingiverse has a flat horizontal lower surface which could cause the print to fail on some printers.
I would be happy to print five of these for free if all nine of the other Replicators distributed by Public Lab did the same.
I would also be happy to print 10 of these for free for every one of the abandoned Public Lab Replicators that is shipped to me.


warren 15 days ago

There seems to be a small piece that sits under the camera too!

That would be amazing, Chris. I echo your idea of getting some of the other Replicator recipients to chip in here!

warren 1 day ago

Richard from OpenFlexure has proposed this piece, although I'm not sure it's compatible with both cameras --


I noted this image for where we need to add some extra clearance:


Chris, would you print us a few even absent other donated Replicator teams chiming in? Do you know who else has one? Maybe @danbeavers -- i think I remember he was doing some printing!

warren 1 day ago

Although that's not the right piece -- we actually need the wider adapter; i think Richard was just saying he thought the camera interface was modified, but I don't think it actually does fit the v1 camera yet!

cfastie 1 day ago

If that model is modified to allow for the components and the ribbon, it should be done so the new underside surfaces are not horizontal. FDM printing can choke on large horizontal underside surfaces unless they are the very bottom of the piece. The existing flat horizontal surface in your image (southeast of the rectangle annotations) will not be printed gracefully and should be sloped or domed.

The last known locations of the other Makerbots are listed here: If any of these are no longer in use, I would be happy to pay for shipping a few to me or print some parts in exchange for shipping.

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Just as a price reference, Thingiverse offers a kind of crowdsourced printing service and various services seem to offer about $12 as a quote for the adaptor.

NinjaPrototype charges $4.50, but then $25 shipping. Maybe it'd be more affordable in bulk -- yes, $70.50 for 10, or ~$7 each.

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