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by bicwood | April 18, 2017 16:44 | #14120

Is the Desktop Kit 3.0 (or a new version) going to be available again in the store? If yes, can you tell me approximately when. (I have a friend who is interested in the kit.)

Thanks, Bic Wood


Hi, @bicwood! If you send this question to, our Kits Coordinator Abdul will be able to respond when he gets back to the office tomorrow. This will be the fastest way to get in contact with someone who can help you directly on specific ordering and shipping.

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Hi, I am new to spectometry and was wondering if the spectrometer built with the kit could detect fetanyl in street drugs. In my comp sci class at university this term, we are using the Atmel SAM4S Xplained Pro with which I thought I could build a spectrometer for this purpose (either with or without the kit).

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Hi @nyck31, The short answer to your question is no. The spectrometer will measure light in the visible and perhaps short IR wavelengths. Fentayl does not absorb in this region. If you went deep enough into the uv you could see an absorbance, but its intensity should not be very high. As a result, even a uv measurement would not be sensitive enough to make the method useful for the application you envision. Sorry, Jack

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