Question: How do you turn results about environmental pollution into personal actions that people can take?

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by bhamster | June 02, 2021 20:50 | #26775

This is another question that's come up a couple times during our recent Open Calls (notes here) on organizing and advocacy. It's related to this question on making environmental monitoring data meaningful to people.

How do you translate environmental data into doable actions that people can take to minimize personal harm?


At @LESBreathe, we made a Cleaner Air at Home flyer this season with many no-cost suggestions. We're developing more ways to get it into peoples' hands and onto their screens. So far it's in Spanish and English - I'll add the text here - if you translate it, or improve it, please share it.

Cleaner Air at Home by LES Breathe

  1. Clean regularly Leave your shoes at the door - an easy step for a cleaner home Dust, sweep & vacuum - a HEPA filtered vacuum is suggested Wash your linens and sheets - hot water effectively reduces dust mites Remove old food - for less mold, pests & odors

  2. Let in fresh air Check your vents - dust or vacuum them Open a window Clean air conditioner filters regularly Use an air purifier - or fit a HEPA furnace filter into your open window Too dry for your skin and breathing? - keep a pan or cup of water near heater

  3. Minimize indoor pollutants Avoid aerosols (sprayed products) Avoid scented candles & cleaners- choose unscented laundry products, etc Always use ventilation when cooking Use carbon monoxide detectors

  4. Form good habits Grow houseplants that clear the air - see online at Avoid smoking or vaping indoors Use nail polish & other chemicals outside Close toilet lid when you flush

Get more info at &


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@WendyBrawer @LESBreathe This flyer is incredible! ❤️ Thanks so much for sharing! As another way to get it on a screen, would you be interested in giving this guide its own research note with the same text and image you've shared here? Others could build onto it or add translations. I'd be happy to support posting, just let me know!

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