Question: What are observable signs of improper reclamation practices at or around mining sites?

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by bhamster | March 02, 2022 22:27 | #30091

This National Wildlife Federation article mentions "shoot and shove" at coal mines, a practice where mine operators simply "pushed leftover rock and dirt over the mountainside." What other examples are there that people might be able to observe?


These days it's easy to hop on the internet and explore aerial maps to see mining violations. Drones can also help.

As far as mining violations to look for...there's a whole slew that can be easily seen from imagery. - illegal fills - improper re-seeding/reclamation based on bare patches of "reclaimed" mine lands - rogue discharges that can be discolored orange, white, or black (if close to coal processing) - runoff from holding ponds

@junior_walk1337 takes drone footage of mine sites in WV, I'm sure he's seen a number of violations.

Thanks @hspencer22 , this list of easy-to-spot violations is helpful!

I've been learning a lot from the posts by @junior_walk1337 and the MMMP team, especially from their series on observable permit violations.

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