Question: Can pond testing kits be used for stream/river water?

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by belkinsa | January 30, 2022 23:17 | #29231

I looked at various stream/river water test kits and the biggest con is you get 30 tests per kit. If you are testing often, that can get costly fast! Hence my question, can a pond testing kit, such as the API Masters Kit, be used for non-pond water?


From a scientific point of view, yes they can. Even an aquarium test kit can often be used to test water sources. The problem is with regulatory issues. Lot tracability, compliance with applicable regs, etc,aren't covered in aquarium test kits. Hopefully, they are covered in the stream river and pond testing kits.

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Now, there Maybe differences in how the sample is obtained. Don't know about that.

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@Ag8n Thank you for you comments! I so didn't think of regulatory issues attached to the kits and I'm not sure if there is a difference on how the sample is collected, if you are doing the work yourself from collecting and testing it- which is my case. In terms of regulatory issues, I need to check with whom I doing this for.

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