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by bbran | October 21, 2016 16:28 | #13635

What I want to do or know

Greetings, any recent progress on this. I was thinking of doing the same thing, except I have a zoom h2 recorder instead of the Olympus. Were you able to get this working? If so, was it only with the IR remote? The Zoom H2 doesnt have a remote so I would have to communicate with it directly through USB. Im wondering why you didnt do this and instead went with IR..

Any info greatly appreciated.

Background story

Ecology graduate student attempting to make my own instrumentation, especially an autonomous sound recorder.


Just realized, I dont think this was posted where I thought. I was specifically asking abou this project:

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Ah, that makes sense -- sorry, i wasn't sure what this referred to. You can edit the title (that may help people understand the question more) by clicking the arrow next to the "Follow" button and clicking Edit. Thanks!

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@babailey - looks like this might be a question for you -- also, we now have an "activities" system which could be a helpful way to re-post your build -- that way people will also be able to leave comments and questions!

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