Question: Will this single timer work for the coqui?

asnow asked on May 14, 2018 16:45
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We are ordering coqui parts and wondering if this version of the TLC555 single timer would work, the version in the spec sheet is out of stock

Here is the part we have been using for reference:


I am going to guess: Yes, they are interchangeable for your application. DigiKey links to the same data sheet for both of them. Page 3 of the datasheet lists some differences which should not matter much, although I don't know exactly what all of those differences are.

Thanks Chris!

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1 Answers

both parts are very similar. the TLC555IP has a wider operating temperature (-40to+85c), and will work down to 3volt power input. From the datasheet, it is the same otherwise. I would say that you are totally fine using this part as long as your power supply is more than 4 volts

Great thank you Kina!

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