Question: Mobius Actioncam offered for sale, is it Mobius1 or Mobius2

apparao asked on May 03, 2018 13:21
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My interest is in NDVI computation. I wish to be aware of the model I would be purchasing?


Hi @appario! The names for the different Mobius models tend to vary a bit from site to site, but our cameras are the regular Mobius ActionCams (not Mobius2). Ours are the ones with the metal heatsink visible on the outside, whereas the Mobius2's look a little squarer at the edges with no heatsink visible on the outside. We do sell them with a few different lens options, which are listed on our store site. If you're interested in NDVI, you can purchase a model which has been factory modified for NDVI photography, and we also sell filter kits which would allow you to modify lenses yourself. Hope this helps!


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