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Question:Updates needed to DustDuino DIY wiki

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by apacheguy | April 27, 2016 18:49 | #13042

The wiki references an obsolete Arduino Proto Wireless Shield from Mouser that can no longer be purchased. Please update the wiki to suggest a working alternative solution.

The Arduino Uno + shield + wifi antenna is quite costly. Why not replace with a more robust and affordable Raspberry Pi 3? I assume that that one would still be able to connect the Groove sensor to the Pi 3 RX pins and read the output, no?


Hi, apacheguy - those sound like good suggestions; if you leave a comment on this original DustDuino note, Matthew Schroyer will get an email notification, and perhaps he'll make some updates!



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@apacheguy you may want to check out http://openpipekit.github.io/ for systems closer to what you describe!

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