Question: The United States has a lot of helpful databases to identify Environmental Justice communities, are there similar tools being used in Canada?

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by amocorro | May 27, 2021 19:50 | #26728

Examples of some helpful (though not perfect) databases that illuminate common markers and metrics used to identify Environmental Justice communities in the United States are (not exhaustive list):

[Federal] US Environmental Protection Agency's EJSCREEN and Mapping Tools

[Federal] US Census Bureau

[State level]




QUESTION CONTINUED: Once we go international, these markers and metrics shift based on the country, their place-based concerns, and their governance structures. What environmental justice databases exist for Canada?

A note about governance terminology: In Canadian English, the term government is used to refer both to the whole set of institutions (executive, legislative and judicial powers) that govern the country (just as in American English, whereas in British English, the term used is state) and to the executive branch (just as in British English, whereas the term in American English would be administration). When the word is capitalized, as in "Government of Canada", it always refers to the executive branch.


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