Question: How long after a concerned pollution event should community members be attentive to air quality and/or water contamination concerns?

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by amocorro | March 02, 2021 21:23 | #25828

Earlier in mid-February, a large fishing vessel caught fire and burned for over 24 hours in the Port of Tacoma. This created a black cloud of smoke and "shelter in place" advisory until the fire was fully contained by firefighting crews. The air quality advisory was removed within 1-2 days following the event...Though I'm curious, what could still linger or settle in the area that may be of a concern to the surrounding communities? I haven't been able to find any follow up information after the fire was put out.

From King5 News during the live event: "A boom is in place around the large vessel to contain any diesel, ammonia and fire retardant from spreading and polluting Puget Sound. Air quality was also a concern as plumes of smoke poured from the vessel for hours overnight..."


Members of the community should be attentive for years. Not only to the fire location, but to many other locations, as well. If there is any data from before the fire, please grab it. This is the baseline all will be compared to. Then please keep an eye on all further testing.

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