Question: Does anyone know if a sensor lending library exists?

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by zengirl2 | November 21, 2017 22:15 | #15219

Although Public Lab has mentioned a library for using kits, I'm seeing a need for something much like a community tool library where people could borrow professional sensors for a time period to analyze a problem. Usually these devices are cost prohibitive, but as a library they may become feasible.


I'm not sure of any right now, but this would be a good question for the upcoming OpenHour on Data Loggers for Environmental Monitoring! It's going to be Monday, December 4th at 1pm ET.

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We are exploring doing this at Public Lab, in coordination with our Kits Initiative, but many expensive tools or pieces of equipment require even more maintenance and management than DIY counterparts, so we're trying to figure out how we'll be able to host and maintain these things. Some things to think through include:

  • who will check in/out these tools
  • how we'll learn how to do the above -- maintain, test out before lending again
  • how to quantify and cover costs of maintenance and such
  • how to provide training, troubleshooting, support for people borrowing them

Did you have a specific piece of equipment in mind? Thanks, Leslie!

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One example would be an air monitor like HW Metone GT 321 Particle Counter. I know one of our community members is using this for readings.

Ah! do you have a link and price for this? I'd be interested in whether there is online support material and/or trainings, or even youtube videos on how to use/maintain it!

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Looks like it retails for about $2,500. Here is the description and manual for it:

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