Question: Can Bio-char products absorb CAFO gases like Hydrogen Sulfide or Ammonia?

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by zengirl2 | March 22, 2018 21:32 | #16006

I recently discovered a walnut hull based cat litter that absolutely takes care of cat odors, so I was curious if it could be used to help with gases for people living near factory farms.


Yes. Biochar in manure, compost, and anaerobic digesters helps eliminate odors as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Here's an answer coming in from Ann Marie Carlton who works with an Atmospheric Multiphase Chemistry Research Group at University of California, Irvine!

"There are several examples in the scientific literature of biochar adsorption for ammonia. I found one manuscript that described removal of H2S with biochar in a digester. I think biochar could work for ammonia in a straightforward way. The time to breakthrough (when it stops working) would depend on a lot of variables: ammonia concentration, pH of the char and relative humidity of the air. For H2S removal, it's less clear that it would work in an easy straightforward way, but maybe."

@stevie Wow, that is exciting. I'm almost picturing pomander balls of this stuff hanging around.

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