Question: loading the proper camera driver for the DSK webcam

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by Winter | October 06, 2016 13:41 | #13527

What I want to do or know?

I would like to load the correct driver for the VIDEW JDEPC-OV04 camera for Windows 10.

Background story

I can access the camera with Windows 10 and Windows Camera program. The spec sheet notes that the RAW format output is only accessible with the correct driver. The Vimicro website does not have drivers for this model camera.

What are my options if I can not access full functionality under Windows 10? Which OS (Windows, OSX, Linux) will allow full functionality? Where can I download the proper drivers?

I was hoping to use this camera to take RAW Infragram photos.


Reference sites that I believe should have the proper drivers: VIDEW JDEPC-OV04: Vimicro VC0347TLPA:


Hi, is this the Infragram Webcam? I'm not sure where the drivers are but will bump this question up with some additional tags and hope someone else will be able to help.

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This is the webcam used in the desktop spectrometry kit 3.0. The spec sheet led me to and but I could not find the drivers.

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Oh, thanks for the clarification. I'd like to push this question out on the discussion lists -- could you edit the title to specify that it's the DSK camera you're asking about -- i think it'll be easier to engage people who may have the answer that way. Thanks!

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