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by WaterGeek | June 06, 2022 12:33 | #31034

I've found a lot of great information about the fuel efficiency of new cars - vial, automobile data sites, and even car magazines, but they all seem to be working with new cars. Are there datasets available for used cars? Does a 5 year old Ford F-150 have nearly the fuel efficiency of a new one? Does a Camry with 100k miles on it match the efficiency of the same car with 100 miles on it?

I realize that there are variables that would skew this (tires changed over the years, if a car was used in a cold or warm climate, if the truck was used for towing or just going to work, etc.) but there has to be some real-life testing being done, right?

This would be just as true of electric cars - batteries will wear out, bearings will get worn down, etc.

Would love to be pointed to some data if you know about it.


Some vehicles, in most major cities, have to be tested annually for fuel emissions and mpg. Not all vehicles must be tested and the fuel emissions change. Trying to keep track of the testing has gives me a major headache, though. The rules change almost every year. But it should give a start in the correct direction.

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