Question: Is it possible to have a digital copy of the step-by-step instructions?

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SuziT9 asked on April 15, 2018 12:38
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Hi! Sorry for the delay in answering the question. We used the designs from Glenn Davison's book (available for $9.99). He is a huge supporter! We built the Korean Fighter Kite and Rokkaku kites on pp. 43 and 44. He also has many more kite websites, all listed at including one on Kites in the Classroom that I'm definitely going to check out. Have fun!image description

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warren 8 days ago

Awesome, thanks @SuziT9!

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The book has plans for building 24 different miniature kites. Most take 15 minutes or less. Here is the direct link to the book about building miniature kites: Miniature Kite Book

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