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by SpencerH | March 13, 2017 09:42 | #14006

Hello, Yesterday I built a spectrometer using the guides on this website. It worked perfectly. I was able to see a spectrum and take a reading. Nothing has changed with the spectrometer, but now I cannot find a spectrum anywhere. No matter where I position the webcam, I cannot see a spectrum. Is this something anyone else has experienced? I've attached a photo of when it was working yesterday. spectrometer.png

Thanks, Spencer


Hello, Me again. I found out what the problem was. Yesterday the spectrometer was working in my house. Today I set up the spectrometer in my office and the strip lighting above was adversely affecting it. As soon as I turned the lights off the spectrometer started working. I am now going to make a box to shield the spectrometer from other light sources.

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