Question: Amazon UK - Link for perfect CFL? All mine are wide spectrum phosphor!

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SarahC asked on May 31, 2018 05:15
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The lights I have that are still CFL and not LED are all streaked/wide spectrum lighting with undefined lines.

Look at this perfectly sharp one!

Mine looks like this - even with an eyepiece spectroscope I got from eBay:

As you can see the CFL has smeared blue lines. =(

I'd love to do a "One-click" on Amazon to get a CFL that has the very defined lines of cheap phosphor and bad filtering!

Please help!



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1 Answers

Hi, what kind of webcam are you using? And what width slit? I think higher resolution may help more than another light, but that's a guess. You spectrum does look good though!

SarahC 19 days ago

I have an i-phos hobby model! 0.5mm slit, hand held near the light. it's a great little machine. The light though - it's streaking my blue bar...

warren 18 days ago

Oh, hmm, I'm not familiar with that; can you post a picture and/or a link? Thanks!

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