Question: Amazon UK - Link for perfect CFL? All mine are wide spectrum phosphor!

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SarahC asked on May 31, 2018 05:15
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The lights I have that are still CFL and not LED are all streaked/wide spectrum lighting with undefined lines.

Look at this perfectly sharp one!

Mine looks like this - even with an eyepiece spectroscope I got from eBay:

As you can see the CFL has smeared blue lines. =(

I'd love to do a "One-click" on Amazon to get a CFL that has the very defined lines of cheap phosphor and bad filtering!

Please help!


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3 Answers

Hi, what kind of webcam are you using? And what width slit? I think higher resolution may help more than another light, but that's a guess. You spectrum does look good though!

I have an i-phos hobby model! 0.5mm slit, hand held near the light. it's a great little machine. The light though - it's streaking my blue bar...

Oh, hmm, I'm not familiar with that; can you post a picture and/or a link? Thanks!

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thank for sharing

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Both of the examples you link to are over exposed. The over exposure is clipping off the sharp peaks in the spectrum. You can tell if your spectra are over exposed by looking for over saturated colours that appear to be approaching white. Also Spectral Workbench shows where the individual R,G and B outputs are clipping at the top of the display. The simplest way to reduce over exposure is to increase the distance between your Spectrometer and the light source.

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