Question: How can I test my tap water for BPA

by Sali | January 16, 2015 17:39 | #11526

I just moved into a new home and I noticed the copper pipe plumbing has been replaced by plastic tubing. I am concerned of the heath risks. I have stage 4 cancer that feed on estrogen. Do these types of plastic pipes leek BPA?


That is a good question. I'm not sure what assay you could do at home, or whether it would distinguish BPA that got in the water from epoxy coatings of old town water pipes from that that leached in from your own piping. Sweden has the longest history of BPA research and regulation, I'd look at their research:

Conjecturally, I would expect to find BPA (if found at all) in PVC piping, but not in PEX, since phtalates are used as plasticizers in PVC but rarely a part of polypropylene or polyethylene plastics.

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