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Ripingill asked on March 21, 2015 20:12
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Can the IR filter in the camera of the desktop spectrometry kit 3.0 be removed for IR analysis?


There shouldn't be a filter in the spec v3 kit -- we've had the factory remove them. So it shouldn't be necessary!

the IR sensitivity is quite poor. The filter though is very easy to remove. unscrew the lens.

@warren Received my version 3.0 kit yesterday and also found there was an IR filter present (although easily removed).

Hmm, what did it look like? Can you take a photo, if you still have it? We should talk to the factory if this is the case. Thanks!

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@warren Here's a photo. I'm pretty sure it is an IR filter as sensitivity in the NIR increased after I removed it. It was located at the bottom of the lens assembly.


I'm sorry, correction - I chatted with the Kits initiative team and as of the v3.0 spectrometer, filters ARE still present in the cameras, so as to give folks an option, and because for some uses, visible-range spectra are better when the filter remains. For example, the Oil Testing Kit uses only visible-range data, and the filter keeps the noise down in that case.

Apologies for the misinformation! That is definitely the filter. Thanks for helping us solve this little mystery!

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