Question: Does anyone know what image processing spectral workbench does to find intensity at wavelength/ where to find the coding for that?

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Reallygeek asked on November 29, 2017 03:08
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I have the github file downloaded and got all that code on a javascript editing program. I'm hoping to take a cvs file and export that into an arduino so I can make a close-looping fluid monitoring system. Anyone familiar with the spectral workbench code?


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2 Answers

Do you know what the variable is that stores the [wavelength, intensity] data?

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at what point in the code? in spectrum? How are you going to use it? I'm happy to help!

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I'm not sure, I'm trying to make a robotic bioreactor that uses spectrometry to monitor the chemical conditions; I'm trying to use an API to extract data from the "" page that I can have the arduino reference to adjust nutrient/ waste levels.

Oh, cool! Please check out and have you considered using the JavaScript version on a Raspberry Pi?

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I haven't considered getting a Raspberry Pi yet, since I've never used one before/ don't own one now. I did try running the JavaScript version on Node.js, but ran into difficulties installing the programs. So I thought it would be simpler to use the webpage itself to get data.

OK, so you can open a JS console in and type $W to access the capture.js script's functions. There are several, raw data is $, and there are others as well, like getRow(). It's a bit dense but should work!

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I don't understand. Just (r+g+b)/3?

yep - it averages the three channels!

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