Question: Can fans be used to power a vehicle and if so how many will you need?

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by REVOLG | with amallozzi February 14, 2020 15:26 | #22812

Hey guys.

I have been trying to complete this design for the past 3 years. It is like my baby. If you have any knowledge or ideas of how big the blade needs to be. Or how many fans need to be used? Let me Know.


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A fan is a fueled machine used to make stream inside a liquid, commonly a gas, for example, air. A fan comprises of a turning course of action of vanes or sharp edges which follow up on the air. The turning get together of sharp edges and center point is known as an impeller, rotor, or sprinter. As a rule, it is contained inside some type of lodging or case.[1] This may coordinate the wind stream or increment security by keeping objects from reaching the fan cutting edges. Most fans are controlled by electric engines, yet different wellsprings of intensity might be utilized, including water driven engines, handcranks, and inward burning motors.

Precisely, a fan can be any spinning vane or vanes utilized for delivering flows of air. Fans produce wind streams with high volume and low weight (albeit higher than encompassing weight), instead of blowers which produce high weights at a similarly low volume. A fan sharp edge will frequently turn when presented to an air liquid stream, and gadgets that exploit this, for example, anemometers and wind turbines, regularly have plans like that of a fan.

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