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by Paul_P | November 29, 2016 08:57 | #13730

What I want to do or know

I am trying to calibrate my first CFL spectrum taken with the public labs smartphone spectrometer. The save fails with a permanent spinning wheel on the save button and a "Tag you've applied couldn't be saved" warning. See the attached screenshot and link to the spectra.

Background story

I am using a MacOS Sierra v10.12 and Google Chrome Version 54.0.2840.98 (64-bit). The same issue occurs if I use Safari.

I would be really grateful for some help on what I am doing wrong.

Thanks in advance



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Hi, this looks like a bug -- I've opened a new bug report here:

I saw an error while forking it, and -- I think it's related to the issue you're seeing.

It's odd - i think there's another bug causing this, but although I saw the same error message as you when I calibrated the fork I made, when I reloaded that page, it had in fact saved:

For the time being you can use that as a calibration source!

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Same happend to me and when reloaded, both messages (the need of calibration and the "Tag you've applied couldn't be saved") dissapeared and looks like It's saved

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I've the same problem as described above by Paul. Running in Firefox browser and unable to calibrate a spectrograph.

Regards, and thanks in advance, Javi.

Hi, can you link us to your spectrum so we can try it out?

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Hi, did you also see "Tag you've applied couldn't be saved"?

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Hi, Javi - i think one issue is that your image is really large... i wonder if you uploaded a cropped version of just the spectrum part of the image, just to see if that works, we'd learn something?

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Although actually now that I look, it's only 500k, so I guess I was wrong about that. Trying to re-upload myself now.

OK, so it's not that it's too large a file size, but it's over 4000 pixels wide, so I think it's longer than the available storage per record in the database. I think cropping should work, though!

Yes, always see the warning about the tags. :(

The image is unprocessed, as taken from the camera. I'll try with lower image resolutions. I wonder --in my ignorance-- that if I crop the image how can I use the calibration in other spectographs, since will not have the same frame reference.

Thank you very much! :) Javi.

Tested a scaled version of the image: 2000 pixels wide: (fail again). 1000 pixels wide: (finally works!!)

Thanks! Javi.

Ah, so glad it worked. Yes, it's a lot of data for the database to handle per spectrum!

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