• Question: Split DVD – which part to use for spectrometer

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    Nelari asked on May 25, 2019 10:04
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    I split the DVD that came with the spectrometer kit. There are now four parts:

    1. the top side, dull

    2. the top side, glowing with rainbow colors (the opposite side has text)

    3. the bottom side, clear with a purple tint

    4. the bottom side, glowing with rainbow colors

    Which part should I cut for the spectrometer?

    Thank you for any tips!


    Thank you; I now have a meter that seems to work OK. I gave up on the paper version, though – it was just too wobbly. I used wood, instead, to get some rigidity.

    But after getting a few photos that look good enough, I'm stuck with calibration. There is a video here about Spectral Workbench, but I find it impossible to follow. There is a lot of Uh's and Ah's, say. I mean, there does not seem to be a script.

    Note that I'm a total newbie as regards spectrometry. Is there a written how-to anywhere?



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