Question: Since spectrometer webcam kits are sold out, which would work/what would you recommend?

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by Metamer | March 10, 2018 00:18 | #15910

As the title says, I have the desktop spectrometer, but I don't know enough about the software you guys wrote. Do other webcams work, too? Is there a replacement someone could please recommend?


Hi @Metamer, thanks for checking in! Yes, other webcams should work (we've been using webcams that are designed for laptops because the form factor works for our setup, but other cameras should work as long as you're willing to tinker with the placement somewhat).

As an alternative, we're currently selling lego spectrometers that work with the Raspberry Pi camera (more about that version here) at our online store. If you look at the pics/instructions for the lego version you should be able to make it work with your desktop kit without too much fuss.

We're working on sourcing replacements for the webcams that are in the Desktop Spectrometer, so they will be back in the store soon, but at this point we can't commit to a precise ETA.

Let us know if this helps! If you drop us a line at we can let you know when the webcams are back in stock.

Thanks for the response! I bought a paper and desktop, hoping the two extremes would be good enough for me. I would need a Raspberry Pi to use the camera, though. That's not too much of an issue since I can interface with Matlab to program, but I'm looking for a stupid simple setup. Sounds like any webcam will do. I want wavelengths >700nm. I vaguely recall reading that the pi camera has up to 1000nm. Anway, I guess this lets me shell out for a nicer more accurate wider range camera :D

Hi, @Metamer -- i think i was chatting with you in the chatroom? If so we got disconnected. If you want to post another question just like this one (you can post at I'll do my best -- there's some great additional Raspberry Pi spectrometer material at #raspberry-pi-spectrometer too.

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