Question: Water Filter Effectiveness

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Mempet asked on September 04, 2017 19:13
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Hello, I am creating a water filter using Moringa Olefiera. I need to test the effectiveness of it. I already have a TDS meter, but I can't afford a turbidity meter. What are some other ways I can test the efficiency of the filter? How can I test the effectiveness of a water filter on reducing turbidity?


There are also a number of resources on turbidity monitoring -- DIY and otherwise, here:

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2 Answers

Hi @gretchengehrke! Thanks for letting me know about this! I might actually be able to use it. However, one complication I have is the amount of liquid needed. I only have about 15 ml of liquid, so I don't know if the tube will work..

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There's also this post by @shanlter which could be helpful?

I wonder how they measured effectiveness of filtration!

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