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Question: Anyone working on Meteor Detection/Tracking?

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by MadTinker | December 26, 2020 23:51 | #25336

There is a nice article in Sky at Night Magazine regarding a Rasperry Pi meteor detector. The article outlines the construction, data collection, and data sharing of information. Set up a Raspberry Pi meteor detector


I use rtlsdr hardware with a pc. The software is sdr# and argo, although there are a bunch of other ones you can use. I listen to a tv station still broadcasting normal , not digital, transmissions. These are tv stations getting rare, especially the ones using channel two or three. This is for optimal meteor detection. But there are other options. Usually, just using different software.

You may want to check out SARA(society of amateur radio astronomy). They do a lot with radio astronomy.

Good luck

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Try livemeteors.com. They show a current on line plot of incoming meteors, if you are interested. They use skypipe, instead of argos. It's a good program that I just haven't gotten around to using on this mode.

Good luck

Thanks for info. The projects linked are interesting but quite different. A spring flood and some changes to the local EPA have encouraged me to move on from my original sensor project related to water quality monitoring. In addition, our community is applying for Dark Sky Status so this seemed like a good alternative. There is a citizen science program, Global Meteor Network, that uses meteor track data collected by various volunteers around the world. Data from neighboring locations are combined and the meteor tracks are triangulated to provide distance, direction, speed, etc. The project is relatively new, but looks pretty interesting. I've registered and ordered the list of equipment (camera, RasPi, etc) and hope to start assembling my station in the next month or so. Perhaps I'll start a project page to track my progress. Thanks again for the info.

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