Question: What are simple tools are available to test salinity level in wetlands ecosystem?

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by Filipaul | February 14, 2019 21:33 | #18365

I work in New Orleans and there are many folks working on wetlands preservation and restoration. I would like to get resident engage in data collection on the level of salinity in the wetlands in and around New Orleans using basic tools to collect, measure, record and analyze data.


Lots of Public Labbers have used the Coqui (a simple DIY conductivity sensor)-- you can read more about it here: . The coqui doesn't provide any quantitative data, but can be used to draw rough comparisons between samples. I was actually JUST thinking about trying to use a multimeter (like what you'd buy at any hardware or electronics store) to see how well it compares to other methods of salinity testing.

Hydrometers can be used as well (they measure specific gravity)-- you should be able to get these pretty easily at any place that sells supplies for beer brewing or wine making. They break pretty easily, but aren't super expensive.

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