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Question: How do we order from the online store?

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by DrJordanGSET | September 10, 2019 21:01 | #20817

We are an After School 21st Century Community Learning Center Program in Cranston RI. We would like to order some of the learning materials, especially the Lego Spectrometer Kit. Pleas send information to Ms. Sarah DeCosta, Director at sdecosta@cpsed.net.

Also send a follow-up to us about curricular materials to https://globalscienceandenvirotech.org


Hi- Anyone can place an order online at store.publiclab.org -- on our store. You can browse our education collection here and find our bulk/wholesale rates here. I'll forward this info to your Sarah DeCosta

@warren @mimiss

We are starting-up our year long After School Program September 16th, 2019...Global Science & Envirotech, Inc. has developed an exciting Blended, Project-Based "Hands-On" Program "Green STEAM" and will be using Spectrometer techniques to help middle school students in their Introduction to Chemistry, Biology, and BioPhysics to explore "Climate Change" and humankinds ability to become a "Space Faring" species while advancing our diverse civilization.

We will also be teaching high school youth and searching for a college Intern to help us with instructions.

Dr. Jordan https://globalscienceandenvirotech.org

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