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by Cogreg | September 20, 2020 14:28 | #24612

You can make your own fertilizer as shown on this web page (and many other web pages).

How can I test my home-made fertilizer to determine the nutrients that are available in it? Traditionally, commercially-available fertilizers are labeled with the percentage (by weight? I'm not sure) of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous (the "N, P, K" labeling). I'd like to be able to analyze my own home-made fertilizer (and my compost, and even the soil) for these and other nutrients. (Quantitative analysis, I guess.)

Thank you for any ideas.


Hi @Cogreg! If you haven't seen it yet, you might find some helpful ideas in the comments for this other question about nutrients in hydroponic systems: Soil testing comes up in the comments, namely the LaMotte NPK test kit. Please let us know if you end up trying any of these ideas!

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