Question: Air quality balloons - an updated version?

Cindy_ExCites asked on August 03, 2018 16:39
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Hello All!

Back in 2010 Stacy Kuznetsov crated an amazing visual tool for air quality awareness:

I wanted to know if any of you have made this (I have but in 2012) and/or if you have any leads on recent versions of this tool.

A friend of mine, Max Wakefield is looking to create a set of these for the upcoming UK-wide campaign.

Any leads/ideas would be much appreciated!




I once created a fidget spinner that measured air-quality. The design worked but the wheel bearing for the spinner had some problems.

Hi @yamanoorsai - that sounds quite fun! We need the balloons because of their visual impact - we'll be doing an evening walk through the city.

Hi, Cindy - maybe we could prototype this end of August if you want?

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@yamanoorsai The fidget spinner sounds like a really cool project. Would you have any interest in sharing your process here in a research note? I'm guessing there would be folks who might like to try their luck building one (and might be able to help troubleshoot the spinning issue!).

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