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Question:Which is more accurate in measuring formaldehyde: air sampling tubes vs RKI FP-30?

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by BostonFern | January 14, 2020 20:52 | #22308

I need to figure out the level of formaldehyde in my house. I know I can use different methods and each has its pros and cons. Right now I need to know whether the air sampling tubes is more or less accurate than RKI FP-30.


@nshiparo I was wondering if you have any ideas on these questions, or know who else we might reach out to?

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Sharing info back here from @nshiparo

"The air sampling tubes you're talking about are the ones that come in a glass ampule and then you pump air through them and then there is a thermometer-like read out? I would say no. but there are often more kinds of tubes (ie not just formaldehyde) for more kinds of tests so it might be easier to test for more things for less money than the RKI FP-30. BUT often you have to buy a lot of those tubes at once. I think both the tubes and the tabs for the RKI FP-30 expire after a year or so."

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